Electrolux Home Products de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Project Oversight Services for Refrigeration Plant Phases I-III

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Kahn's broad range of experience in Mexico was one of the primary reasons Electrolux hired Kahn in mid-2004 to perform oversight services for the design and construction of its first Mexican manufacturing facility - a 1.7 million square foot manufacturing complex located in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico.

As the project proceeded, Electrolux increasingly relied on Kahn. Once the Phase I refrigerator plant was completed in late 2005, Kahn was asked to design as well as oversee Phase II, an expansion that involved the design and construction of a facility for the manufacture of another new Electrolux product.

This arrangement enabled Electrolux a much greater influence over the equipment layout, a process that is often in an extended state of flux. Modifications were more readily - and more economically - made during the design rather than the construction phase, and construction bids weren't solicited until construction documents were substantially finalized. This not only gave Electrolux greater control over design and construction but it also put Kahn in an even stronger position in its role as Oversight Manager.

Kahn's experience ensured that Electrolux facilities would be built not only within specified budget constraints but also to higher standards than those required by Mexican code and custom. While it might not always be possible to meet U.S. specifications in terms of readily available systems, labor, and expertise, Kahn designers generated construction documentation commensurate with the highest achievable levels of local reliability and sophistication.

The project's third phase - a new washer-dryer manufacturing facility - was designed in early 2006 and completed in time for a festive Grand Opening attended in the summer of 2008 by a host of Mexican dignitaries.

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