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Existing Facilities Evaluation
Code Analysis

Construction Documents
Value Analysis
Historic Preservation

While some may believe the architect is the catalyst of all design, Kahn places the client’s desires first and guides the project based on budget, program requirements and the overall nature of the project. This approach, coupled with the assignment of highly qualified project teams, assures all involved that Kahn’s design solutions are unique and specific to each client’s desired objectives.


Structural Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
IT Systems Engineering

Albert Kahn was a pioneer in the concept of combining the engineering and architectural professions into one firm, an organizational approach still practiced today. Communication, design flexibility and trust are enhanced by integrating engineering and design services from the onset of a project. Building upon a depth of talent and experience, Kahn’s engineering professionals bring significant value to each of their clients’ programs.


Strategic Facilities Planning
Program Management
Commissioning / Decommissioning
Asset Optimization

Taking project and facility management to a deeper level, Kahn provides solutions for businesses through a number of its subsidiaries. These groups offer operations analysis, comprehensive administration and management tools along with services and solutions ranging from feasibility to implementation and construction.


Condition Assessment Report
Site and Utilities Analysis
Code Review
Structural Analysis
Conceptual Estimate
Building Envelope Review
Mechanical Systems Review
Environmental Surveys

The Kahn team of multi-disciplined professionals provides building and site condition assessments for your project. With experience in millions of square footage of assessment work, Kahn is equipped to create a study and report and document existing conditions for you and your contractors use. Using visual observation and possible use of 3-D survey tools for analysis, the Kahn team then applies their knowledge about systems, codes and structures to compile the type of report you require.


Urban Planning and Design
Land Planning
Campus Planning
Site Master Planning

Planning is an important part of the total service package Kahn provides its clients. Team members consider how factors such as environmental impact, zoning constraints, land-use regulations, internal and off-site traffic, service and public access, security, utilities and an array of other issues impact any given project. We also analyze each site in relation to ultimate program growth and prepare space allocations that demonstrate growth and utilization potential while remaining respectful of the environment.


Programming and Planning
Site Design
Interior Design
Landscape Architecture
Sustainable Design

Kahn places great importance upon architecture that reflects the client’s functional needs, goals and aesthetic desires. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that our designers believe the line of strength and beauty in great architecture is one and the same. Our design staff fully immerses themselves in understanding the nature, budget and scope of each client’s projects, facilitating appropriate design decisions unique to the task at hand.