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Of the overall 350-acre site, 110 acres house O-I’s new corporate campus. The overall phasing for this project involves the addition of approximately 75,250 sq. ft. of office space and 33,500 sq. ft. of lab space. The campus also houses approximately 53,000 sq. ft. of prototype assembly space and 54,000 sq. ft. for test facilities. Challenging constraints required creative solutions to allow the master plan to be phased in over time without disrupting O-I business operations.

The campus concept was embraced to provide choices and opportunities to connect all of the existing facilities along with the new global headquarters with efficient vehicular and pedestrian access. While the new headquarters was sited to optimize orientation for wind, sun and visual access, the industrial park configuration of the existing facilities offered a challenge in connecting these areas in a seamless manner. This necessitated the design of a pedestrian friendly spine that physically connects the new and the old, allowing the entire site to feel like one continuous campus.

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