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Detroit Free Press: Ford House Lagoon and Pool Restoration

Restoration work is complete on the historic Edsel and Eleanor Ford House pool, lagoon, and surrounding landscape.

Kahn's team of landscape architects, planners, and engineers have been working hard alongside the team at Ford House and a handful of expert consultants to bring this iconic site back to the idyllic vision of Jens Jensen and Albert Kahn.

“Before the restoration, the landscape behind the pool had become overgrown. It lost its hierarchy, the diversity of material, and the layering that were meant to replicate a northern Michigan landscape,” said Stephen White, principal and director of landscape architecture and urban design for Albert Kahn Associates. “The landscape had lost its character, but we were able to bring it back.”

We look forward to sharing more about this project soon!

Photo: Courtesy of the Ford House.

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Dec 04, 2023

In a groundbreaking initiative, the restoration of the Ford House Lagoon and Pool takes center stage, heralding a transformative journey for the historic estate. Beyond the preservation of architectural splendor, this restoration project redefines the estate's purpose, envisioning it as a modern retreat center that seamlessly blends historical charm with contemporary amenities.

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