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Detroit News: Albert Kahn's legacy lives on through his firm, now 125 years old

"When the 26-year-old Albert Kahn launched his architecture office in 1895, he might have been amused had someone suggested it'd still be going strong 125 years later.

But that's where Albert Kahn Associates finds itself. It's a record matched by few Detroit companies. Even Ford Motor Co., historically Kahn's most-iconic client, is eight years younger."

"'I like to think what sets us apart,' said Peter Lynde, senior vice-president and director of research and technology, 'is that we don’t shy away from the innovative and the complex. Albert Kahn wasn’t afraid to go where no one else would, whether it be a jet-engine test facility or a complex surgery suite.'"

Alan Cobb, president and CEO, added, "'with Kahn, the whole idea was speed-to-market, and time is money. That guided the firm then, and still does. We do things rapidly.'"

Follow this link to read the full article written by Michael H. Hodges for The Detroit News. And, take a look at some of Kahn's iconic projects below.

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