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Detroit News: Corktown Health set to open LGBTQ+ health center in Hazel Park

Albert Kahn Associates is pleased to work with such an impactful organization as Corktown Health. This Detroit-based nonprofit has made considerable strides in addressing the inequity faced by LGBTQ+ individuals in healthcare and is expanding its operations into Oakland County. We are honored to have been selected to help design and engineer their new clinic in Hazel Park!

"The new health center, located on John R in Hazel Park, is part of Corktown Health's Driving Health Equity Campaign that aims to expand health access and services for the LGBTQ+ community. The center will provide wraparound services, including primary care, dental care and food assistance, Anthony Williams, president and CEO of Corktown Health said.

'While medical advancements have moved steadily forward, health care discrimination continues for people who identified as part of the LGBTQ community,' said Patty Martin, chair of the Corktown Health Board of Directors. 'We decided something needed to be done about these issues, and we just decided to build a clinic. Our goal was to help drive health equity in Detroit.'"

Photo courtesy of Detroit News/Hannah MacKay.

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