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E-VAC Magnetics to Construct First US Facility in South Carolina

As the United States pushes for more renewable energy solutions, Sumter County in South Carolina is gearing up for the change. E-VAC Magnetics (e-VAC) produces state-of-the-art magnetic materials and applications critical to the automotive, defense, industrial, and renewable energy industries. The company is constructing its inaugural facility in Pocatalico Industrial Park, marking Sumter County's most significant economic development deal. 


Albert Kahn Associates (Kahn) is proud to be a part of this project team with our colleagues at EDAG Production Solutions and others. Kahn has collaborated with multiple manufacturers to establish US-based outposts in the South. 


The investment in these new facilities supports South Carolina's economic development strategy, which aims to attract electric vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. South Carolina Governor McMaster stated, "We are proud to support the growth of the electric vehicle industry in the United States, and we believe this facility will be a cornerstone in developing a sustainable, domestic supply chain." 


Construction and operation of E-VAC's new campus facility will create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the region. It is a significant step towards a sustainable future and a testament to the region's commitment to economic development. 


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