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Erie Insurance unveils Thomas B. Hagen Building

On September 15, the Kahn-designed office building for Erie Insurance was officially dedicated and named the Thomas B. Hagen building.

Photo: Justin Maconochie.

The date for the event was significant; it marked the 68th anniversary of Hagen's first day of work as a part-time clerk. Quite a journey for the man who is now chairman of the Fortune 500 company!

The location, materials, and form of this seven-story office building blend the legacy of Erie Insurance with its modern future-forward vision. For example, the new building is connected to the Heritage Center, which was an original building for the company. Meanwhile, higher floors sheathed in glass step up and out from the surrounding structures giving employees flexible workspaces and incredible views of the building's green roofs.

Join us as we fly through the building in the video below.

Video courtesy of Erie Insurance.

Back in our offices, we gathered some of the team together to celebrate this milestone. Key team members include: (back row left to right) Kevin Jones, Pankaj Patel, Gary Collins, Andrew Stone, Terrance Francis, John Cole, (front row) Christine Trupiano, Joshua Every, Michael Giovanni, and Alan Cobb. Not photographed: Riccardo Pappini, Pat Martini, Ken Herbart, and Bill Howerth.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication on such an outstanding building!

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