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Erie Reader: Erie's Downtown Renaissance

"Preservation, partnerships, and progress make downtown a destination." The Erie Reader featured the many new developments happening in Downtown Erie, Pennsylvania.

Albert Kahn Associates is thrilled to be one of the partners bringing this city back. We have had the privilege to work with the Erie Downtown Development Corporation to rehabilitate three city blocks; together, we are readapting and restoring historic buildings and designing new mixed-use structures that deliver the best amenities to the heart of downtown.

"The changes happening in Erie are coming all at once and totally upending the way our downtown looks, feels, and is perceived by all who visit it. And perhaps best of all, the buildings that lend Erie its character, and make it a place worth visiting and learning about, are all getting a second look, and the work being done in these historic buildings ensures that they will stand and contribute to the character of our city for generations to come."

Scroll down to read the full story by Erin Phillips or follow this link.

Cover photo by Corey Cook.

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