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Grosse Pointe Magazine: Albert Kahn by the Book

This month our book (The Art of Collaboration & Innovation: Albert Kahn Associates) was featured in Grosse Pointe Magazine - just in time for the holiday season!

Joyce Wiswell wrote an excellent article following an interview with Caitlin Wunderlich, our corporate historian and communications specialist. Follow this link to read the full article on page 18.

"While much has been documented about the legendary Kahn, who died in 1942, 'this is the first time the firm has written its own story of where we've been and where we're going,' says Wunderlich. 'We wanted to look at each project from an architectural or engineering perspective to tell a new story.'"

Interested in ordering a copy of the book? Head on over to our Shop page. We have a special price for the holidays.

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