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Healthcare Facilities Today: Prioritizing Facility Needs - Fundamental Strategies

Updated: May 20, 2022

When was the last time you evaluated your facility and the equipment that makes your work possible?

Kahn's Healthcare Strategy Manager, Bruna Monzillo, LEED AP® BD+C, EDAC, recently published an article in Healthcare Facilities Today on the importance of regular facility and infrastructure evaluations. Don't let a future emergency catch you unprepared.

Bruna walks you through the benefits of prioritizing your facility and infrastructure needs, who you really need to include in your planning process, and how to allocate time, people, and budget so that you can make an informed plan.

A plan of action will save your team from unexpected system failures, interruptions, and high costs of emergency repairs.

Image above: University of Chicago Medicine, Center for Care and Discovery. Hedrich-Blessing Photographers.

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