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LabDesign News: Ford's Five Goals Drive Dynamics Lab Development

“'We’re lighter, we’re faster…' Carroll Shelby said as he worked with Ford to develop a car that could compete with Europe’s elite.

For Ford’s engineers, lighter and faster was the key to developing the iconic GT40 and establishing another benchmark by which other automakers were measured.

Fast forward nearly 60 years later, the performance-driven passion is as alive today as it was then, but that drive now embodies more than the vehicles they are producing.

Ford Motor Company’s Driving Dynamics Lab (DDL) sits trackside at the company’s Dearborn Proving Ground. As the first new test and office facilities on the campus in a generation, the DDL is envisioned as a place to attract the best and brightest designers and engineers with a facility that not only harnesses the legacy of those who built the company but also positions Ford as a leader in mobility."

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