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Want to live on Mars?

UPDATE: The team of Kahn-Yates has won third place in this international competition and will be advancing to the next phase.

Vacation on Mars? Maybe not for a while, but NASA is thinking ahead on what a shelter capable of housing human life on Mars would consist of.

Enter the Mars Challenge: where NASA invited top architects and engineers to design the perfect shelter for galactic habitation. With a project this stellar, it goes without saying the challenge was accepted. For this mission, Kahn has paired with Yates to work together and come up with the perfect home away from home- in space.

Sound fascinating? It is, we promise. Check out our page around the project here to learn more about our vision of this inspiring initiative.

For more information on the Mars Challenge or to see some other great ideas from our competition, you can learn more here.

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17 Şub 2023

Any updates for 2023 ?

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