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"Mercury Marine Builds Innovative World-Class Testing Facility," Noise/News International

We are pleased to announce that Peter Lynde, Senior Vice President, was just published in Noise/News International. The article titled “Establishing an Industry Benchmark: Mercury Marine Builds Innovative World-Class Testing Facility,” explores the recent Noise, Vibration, and Harshness (NVH) Technical Center that Kahn designed and engineered for Mercury Marine.

Peter Lynde was the Principal in charge for Mercury Marine, and for over 25 years has led numerous laboratory and test facility projects. Since joining the firm in 1982, Lynde’s in-depth knowledge, technical expertise, and capability has earned him recognition from clients. Named a Principal of the firm in 2002 and a Corporate Director in 2013, he remains active in the design and integration of complex systems for both industrial and research facilities. He also guides Kahn’s design and engineering efforts in the research and technology market, and applies his expertise in creating a range of specialty environments.

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