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Plant Engineering: Supply headquarters and facility takes advantage of natural surroundings

An article by Alan H. Cobb, FAIA, featuring Berkshire eSupply's new headquarters and fulfillment center, was recently published in Plant Engineering.

"The curved headquarters building, which is more than 19,000-sq-ft and three stories high, juts into treetops. A sheathed exterior of floor-to-ceiling glass permits expansive daylight in the interior, giving employees a scenic view of the surrounding area.

A second level bridge joins the headquarters to the additional building — a 144,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center. The design is based on the belief warehouses can be sustainable and healthy environments that encourage employee motivation and engagement.

The design strives to be a healthy environment for occupants by an incisive use of natural light. On one side of the fulfillment center is a 400 x 50-foot glass wall that provides continuous natural light."

Photo: Justin Maconochie

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