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YourErie: Adaptive reuse projects drawing people to downtown Erie

"The City of Erie has been undergoing a so-called renaissance, specifically in its downtown district over the past 20 years or so. Much of that has been spurred by the development of Erie Insurance properties; however, behind the scenes often is one company, largely unknown to the general public.

Albert Kahn Associates, Inc. is a Detroit-based architecture firm that has worked behind the scenes on more than 45,000 projects across the country and abroad over its 125-plus year existence. The company’s specialty is “adaptive reuse,” and they’ve brought those skills to local projects in Erie."

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We commend downtown renaissance fueled by adaptive reuse projects. Expertise in this realm showcases the transformative power of visionary partnerships. As proponents of strategic investments like property bonds, we're poised to help clients seize opportunities for long-term value in urban development.

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