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125+ years – Six continents – 45,000 projects. This is Albert Kahn Associates. The Art of Collaboration and Innovation celebrates the significant work of history’s most prolific and versatile international firms. Albert Kahn is synonymous with the industrial giants of the 20th century, having raised factory design to a legitimate architectural practice. He influenced contemporaries such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Walter Gropius, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, and Le Corbusier, paving the way for the modern movement. Albert is only part of the legacy. 


“When you write the story, credit it to Albert Kahn Associates (Architects) and Engineers, Inc., rather than to me, personally. After all, I am like the quarterback on a football team. Without the teamwork of my associates, I would be nothing.” - Albert Kahn. 


You are about to embark on the firm’s first comprehensive history. Within these pages, you will discover how Kahn mirrored the industrious spirit of the time, creating architecture that advanced their client’s work across all markets. Arguably the most innovative early design was creating a collaborative Architectural and Engineering practice under one roof, which continues today. Thousands of men and women have left their mark on this firm and its projects. 


You will learn from noted Kahn scholars, historians, long-term clients, and Kahn family members, as well as Kahn’s current and past employees, highlighting significant aspects of some of their favorite projects. Together, these unique perspectives craft a new understanding and reveal little-known facts of the Kahn legacy – a legacy of innovation that we will continue to shape in the years to come. 


Guest authors: Leslie Armbruster, Donald Bauman, Alan Cobb, John Cole,Christo Datini, Katie Doelle, Rick S. Dye, Nancy Finegood, Jeffrey T. Gaines, John Gallagher,Deirdre L.C. Hennebury, Grant Hildebrand, Michael H. Hodges, Gordon V.R. Holness,Case Allen-Kahn Kittel, Peter G. Lynde, Chris Meister, Kimberly Montague,Jamie Myler, Heidi Pfannes, Hank Ritter, Robert Sharrow, Michael G. Smith,Greg Tasker, Stephen White, Gregory Wittkopp, and Claire Zimmerman.

The Art of Collaboration & Innovation - Albert Kahn Associates

  • The Art of Collaboration & Innovation: Albert Kahn Associates is published by Visual Profile Books, New York, 2022 (311 pages, 188 color and 146 black and white images with 43 drawings, hardcover with dust jacket). 

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