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Erie Insurance - Thomas Hagen Building

Erie, PA

Erie Insurance’s new 346,000 sq. ft. LEED Gold-designed Thomas B. Hagen Building has perfected the balance between the legacy and future of this Fortune 500 company, collaborative and independent work philosophies, and employee and community well-being.


Main design concepts:


·         Building Massing – steps back to respect the scale of the surrounding campus and reinforce the connection to the community.


·         Building Plan – angled interior feature walls and courtyards pay homage to EI’s 1930s headquarters.


·         Collaborative Culture – energetic City Center areas for discussions and quiet areas for concentration, divided by a core for sound and visual containment.


·         Intuitive Design Cues – architecture and interior design uses random pattern areas and fixed elements and color to distinguish between collaboration and concentration zones.


·         Well-being – green roof areas, pedestrian roof access, natural daylighting, and material choices promote a healthier work environment.


The design anticipates future change through a flexible floorplan and both physical and visual links to an evolving city. The success of the design is not only found in the elements but also in the willingness to think beyond efficiency to open the environment to inspiration, connection, and collaboration.


Designed for LEED Gold Certification
2023 Engineering Society of Detroit Construction and Design Award

Project Gallery

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