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Erie Western Port Authority

Erie, Pennsylvania

Helping Port Erie craft a destination for the 85 million people that live near this international Industrial Center hub required visionary place making from the team at Kahn. With the mission of promoting industrial, commercial and recreational opportunities on Presque Isle Bay/adjacent waters, the client wanted this natural bay to entice visitors and residents alike by creating a sense of place where people not only want to spend their time, but go out of their way to experience.

Kahn’s team was brought in to help build consensus on what this port should look like from the eyes of not only stakeholders in this development, but from the community and the port’s U.S and Canadian visitors as well.

The plan recommendations included:

1. Develop Dobbins Landing as the ‘town square’ of the coastline and improve connection to the downtown.

2. Redevelop the aging McAllister Place into a thriving mixed-use waterfront destination with retail, food and entertainment uses.

3. Support the boaters with improved marina services and relocated boat storage facilities.

4. Take Liberty Park to the next level by removing the boat storage yard and adding additional gathering and recreational uses.

5. Celebrate the 1818 constructed Erie Land Lighthouse.

6. Support the campers with improved and expanded services and amenities at the Lampe Campground.

7. Further enhance existing natural features, including improvements and access to Cascade Creek and the bluffs.

8. Prepare for new and creative land use options, which include a new waterfront corporate campus, and re-mediation and eventual recreational uses for an adjacent coke production facility.

This goal was achieved through public consultation and surveying to ensure all voices were heard when creating this new destination. The end result of this consensus building was a framework plan for future investments and developments over the next 20 years, with a thrilled client who now has the tools needed to build a unique environment that matches their community’s vision.


Urban development aimed at reconnecting the city with its iconic waterfront

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