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Lawrence Technological University

Southfield, MI

The LTU Taubman Complex serves as the connecting link between the Life Sciences and Engineering programs, and is home to the Marburger STEM Center. It involves a dynamic assembly of research spaces in a community setting, with flexible spaces to encourage interdisciplinary connections, facilitate social exchange and accommodate different departments as they grow.

The entry forms a new gateway to the campus quad with an open breezeway. It is considered a minimalist design with an “orb”-shaped grand staircase that rises from the entrance portal as the anchor. The staircase, with its unique shape, is sheathed in a state-of-the-art material- a reformulation of carbon fiber. Since carbon fiber was in its infancy as an architectural building material, the carbon fiber sheathing pioneers the combination of structural and non-structural carbon fiber specifications. The “orb” was designed to cantilever over a large reflecting pool and encloses a stairway with an ocular shaped skylight that lets light stream through to the pool below.

There are conference rooms, faculty offices and laboratories that delineate an extended double-height flex area which runs the length of the building. The two story space is a flexible learning and research center for LTU’s nationally recognized programs.


2018 CAM Magazine Best Project

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