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VinFast Auto USA

Chatham County, NC

When VinFast looked to expand its operations to America, Albert Kahn Associates was chosen to lead the design and engineering efforts for the company’s first North American Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Plant. This new plant builds on the innovation and scalability of their first automotive manufacturing center in Hai Phong, Vietnam, also designed by Kahn.

On site are a press shop, general assembly, body shop, central energy plant, paint shop, pump house, waste building, and guard house. The new factory will produce 150,000 electric vehicles each year.

VinFast chose a rural site in North Carolina for their plant. Local media called this project the largest economic development project in the state’s history. VinFast expects to add 7,500 jobs to this community with the completion of its new plant. As people come to the area for work, new communities complete with schools, retail, housing, and other amenities will soon follow.


2.85 million square feet

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